Objektsikring - sluse - "strongrooms"

Based on the customer's needs we offer design, production,
delivery and installation of mechanical security equipment in
various security classes according DIN 52290 standard.
- pass through and transfer trays
- complex security units
- communication devices
- security windows
- money dotation trolleys
- complex workplaces
- security barriers and counters

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Sink and moving gadgets
EK 5100 allow two directional controlled transfers of cash, valuables, documents and smaller things between secured and unsecured rooms. Non standard moving mechanisms can be manufactured in accordance with the customer's needs. Colour finishing of the safe cabinet by RAL, STAINLESS STEEL, BRASS.

Safety windows
EK 5300 series products are used as complex units equipped with sink or moving mechanism (EK 5100), communication equipment (EK 5200) and bullet proof glass with optional security level (C1/M1 - C5/M5). The design allows usage of special materials as a casing (stainless steel, brass etc.) The dimensions depend on required security level as well as the type and size of the sink or moving mechanism. If required safety lighting with backup supply is available as well as an option to built in louvie or roller blind. Safety window design allows building into the cross walls or separating walls.

Safety outlets
EK 5400 - 5600 product line represents a choice of safety outlets of different designs. The outlet is composed of several products of EK 5000 series - EK 5300 safety window, EK 5200 communication equipment, EK 5100 sink or moving mechanism and EK 5400 D armoured cabinet. Donation equipment of the safety outlet allows the staff controlled takeover and handover of smaller items such as parcels, cassettes, small suitcases etc. Safety outlet can be equipped with electric lock and additional mechanical lock on the staff side. Electric supply ZN 12/1600 can be equipped with backup supply. Safety outlets are manufactured in security classes C1/M1 - C5/M5 according to DIN 52290. The dimensions depend on required security level as well as the type and size of the sink or moving mechanism.

Safety door
Safety doors with increased ballistic resistance are designed for secure the entrance into projected areas, cash desks, specialised room entrances, archives, financial institutions, administration and tax offices as well as to hospitals, libraries, shops, offices and warehouses. The doors meet the security class 4 requirements and ballistic resistance according to G0 or G2. Two-part doorframe is included.

Personnel security portal
It is designed for controlled passage of individual persons from unsecured sectors to the secured sectors and vice versa. It can be manufactured in security classes (FB3 - FB6). according to the customer's specifications. The doors of the portal are equipped with electronically controlled locks. Portal is electronically controlled and operated by buttons located on integrated panels on inner and outer side. Signalling LED-s provide information about portal status. Control console allows the operator to select one of the portal's regimes. The console also includes integrated intercom and main switch. The portal is normally equipped with the weight preset to allow passing only one individual person. The device is power supplied by 230 VAC/12VDC adaptors.

Complex safety units
We offer design, manufacturing and installation of specially designed systems for protection of workplaces equipped with products from company's portfolio. Safety windows, doors, outlets, safes, transportation systems, communication equipment are integrated into safety units with the aim to assure complex protection and comfort of the workplace.

Download brochure with workplace protection or brochure on the complete product range in the personnel security