Container Forsvaret

Transportable safe unit are dimension vise compatible with standard logistic containers ISO 1C. Design and construction of the COPS is modified in order to offer reliability and complex functionality in the field and extreme conditions (e.g. heat) and to be proof against hand weapons and grenades, break-in attacks and various kind of demolition attacks. Manipulation and transportation of the COPS containers is identical with standard logistics containers. Containers can be transported on road, by train, ship or air. Container manipulation is usually carried out with hook loader or side container loader. COPS modular constructions are usually loaded with crane.

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Manipulation and transportation of COPS containers does not differ from standard container transportation. The container can be transported by trucks, railway, ships or planes. Individual containers are usually manipulated by hook loader or container side loader. Containers for modular constructions are usually manipulated by crane.

Transportable safe unit - container with cypher protection workplace is designed for preparation, processing and storage of classified information of cryptographic character up to the "TOP SECRET" confidentiality level. COPS CM container is an autonomous unit that can be placed in various objects as well as in the field conditions. It is supposed to be mainly utilised in short term or long term military missions and operations.

Container interior is designed to maximize the room capacity utilisation while ergonomics, hygiene and work safety standards are maintained as well as the internal operational directives. The design of the container provides the staff with working comfort and maximal protection against hand gun and grenade attacks break through attempts and damaging interior equipment. From the purpose point of view the container provides communicational, documentary and electronic processing of information. Protection of classified materials in non-standard conditions is permanent - according present law. The workplace of cypher information protection is shielded against microwave weapon attacks, plane wave and electrical or magnetic field impact. In the opposite direction it prevents from any electromagnetic radiation from protected zone.

Each single attenuation curve is measured and evaluated in compliance with NSA 65-6 standard. Measurement certificate is a part of each delivery of cypher information protection workplace. Interior of the workplace is divided to the preparation sector (office) and technological sector - shielding cabin. The shielding cabin is designed for frequency range 10 kHz - 30 GHz with following absorption curves:

- electrical field 10 kHz to 30 MHz 100 dB
- magnetic field 10 kHz 60 dB at 300 kHz
- plane wave 30 MHz to 1 GHz 100 dB,
- above 1 GHz 95 dB

Download brochure on transportable safe unit or brochure on the complete product range in the personnel security.